The WILD Magazine 

Editorial & Social Media Intern
Fashioned unique literary content for The WILD Magazine, a bi-annual print magazine based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC.
— Just a few sample pieces —

Organic Originality - "I like knowing the origins of all products I consume..." - Bobby Kolade. 

Ode to the Outdoors - Corones, the last puzzle piece to the Messner Mountain Museum Project...and it's so good.

Skip Marley & the Future of Reggae - Skip, grandson of legend Bob Marley, gives The WILD an exclusive scoop on his family and career. 

Daily Digital Collage - Art center school drop out, illegal punk venue expert, digital collage maniac...a day in The Wild life of Tyler Spangler.

Girls & Granny Panties - Photographer and close friend Natalie Yang speaks on body positivity, growing up, girls, and the rise of the granny panty. 

Don't Empty the Trash - New York City Rapper, Prince Harvey is a, record an entire album on the computers in the SOHO Apple Store.