Hello! I'm Jamie Eddy, born and raised in Marin County, a small town located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I crave the new & unfamiliar. I'm a dedicated team player, insatiably curious, well-spoken, and constantly on the look out for new challenges. Specifically intrigued by anything related to fashion, tech, literature, art, journalism, film, and music.
My grit, attitude and ability to overcome adversity sets me apart.

Collector of books, vintage, denim and sneakers. 

Visionaries - Karley Sciortino, Bryan Stevenson, Amal Clooney, Yves Behar, Irena Sendler... to name a few.

On Repeat - Ozzie, Amy Winehouse, SZA, Abhi the Nomad, Luis The Child, The Shins, Rhye, The Black Keys, Kota the Friend, The Internet, Tame Impala, Bob Marley, Atlas Hands...constant stream of beats at all times.